March 2022 – MEPSS Campaign School

This weekend seminar will bring you together with other Republicans (male and female) who are interested in running for a public office, managing a campaign or being a key volunteer.  Our presenters provide future candidates, campaign managers, and staff with tools and information necessary to organize a winning campaign with strong grassroots organization and an effective media strategy.

You will learn how to:

Write a Campaign Plan

Develop a Winning Campaign Strategy

Target and Identify Voters

Use Data and Digital Tools

Manage Grassroots Outreach

Raise Funds

March 2022 – On Camera Media Training

This training is for Republican women only, and we cap this weekend at 15 participants.  This boot camp will help you craft your message and get comfortable in front of a camera and an audience.  Whether you are running for office, or serving in a career that might require you to give an interview, this weekend will help you find your voice and develop your message.  Click here for the tentative schedule and registration form.  Women who have been selected for the full series will have the opportunity to select this as one of their series, and therefore seats are giving to them first.  

Please come back in January of 2022 for the schedules and registration forms for the trainings outlined above.

Other training resources:

She Holds the Key Michigan – This 501 c3 non-profit focuses on training center and center right women who have an interest in running for public office.  While not a series, it offers individual trainings via zoom.  You can visit them at