While the Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series was derived from a similar program in another state, we have made it Pure Michigan! 

Each year we sit down and evaluate the program by speaking with graduates and potential attendees on how we can continue to update and revise the program for today’s political, legislative and community environment.

It is our hope that when we speak with Republican women in the future about their race, it will be a conversation of, “I had all of the tools I needed to run and be successful,” vs the “I didn’t know” conversation.   Keep in mind; most of the “I didn’t know” conversations have come from women who didn’t take MEPSS.

Our team has relationships based on decades of involvement in the political and legislative arenas. Those relationships allow us to host a one of a kind program where presenters volunteer their time and talent to train republican women in the program.

MEPSS realizes there is a real need to recruit and train Republican women.  This program serves as a springboard for graduates to achieve new levels of personal achievement, public involvement, and networking.