The Michigan Legislature increased the number of women in the GOP House caucus after the 2016 election cycle, from ten women, to 16 republican women in the caucus!

With the upcoming 2018 election, we will see at a minimum 25 open seats in the state house due to term limits, and there will be 26 out of 38 senate seats open due to term limits.   In reality, the overall number is higher due to current legislators leaving their seats early to run in other open seats.

TODAY is the time to plan for tomorrow.  We invite you to join us for the 2018 & 2019 Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series.  

The Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series is committed to providing leadership training for Republican women who have an interest to serve as elected officials, be appointed to positions at all levels of government as well as those who want to support conservative women in leadership roles in their careers and communities.

  Graduates of the program have gone on to serve in the Michigan Legislature, at the local level, on governor appointed boards, as candidates for elected office, managed campaigns and are working to grow grassroots programs.

Even if you do not have an interest in running for elected office; MEPSS provides opportunities to increase your skills that can be used in several areas of your daily life.  And, if in the future you decide to run, you will find your Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series training to be invaluable in achieving success.

We invite you to take the training today, so you will be prepared for tomorrow.

“The Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series is an important step into the world of politics  for any woman who is considering public service.  I wholeheartedly support this program with  my time, my conversation, and my money.  Michigan needs more women in leadership!”                                                                         ~Beth Griffin, 2013 Graduate                                                                        Current State Representative